What's SAO?

SAO helps you kick start a new project either by using existing "generators" or the ones you made on your own.

Why not use Yeoman?

Yeoman is great except that writing a Yeoman generator is time-consuming, I created SAO to simplify the way we write and use generators.

A Quick Look

Here we have a SAO generator which is used to create a new node module, it's published on npm as sao-nm and also available on GitHub at

sao nm my-node-module

By running this command, SAO will try to find a cached version of sao-nm or download from npm if it's not yet cached. Then SAO will generate a new project at my-node-modules folder according to the saofile.js in the generator.

Since it's also on GitHub, you can use the generator from there too:

sao saojs/sao-nm my-node-module